10 Overlooked Pet Food Ingredients That Should Be Avoided

robert cochrane-food in cart- freedigitalphotos.netThe staff at Paws in the City in Cary, North Carolina, is constantly looking for important information to share with friends and clients. Every so often, the media reports a pet food recall or sad story about contaminated pet food. While understandably these articles are often anxiety inducing, they serve an important purpose. As a result, many pet owners have become mindful and more careful about what they feed their pets. However, not all unhealthy ingredients are that obvious.

The expert staff at Paws in the City wants pet owners to be aware of these 10 potentially harmful pet food ingredients and avoid being misled by their common-sounding names:

  • Wheat: This ever-present ingredient can be benign, but it’s also one of the most common allergens in dogs.
  • Corn Gluten Meal: This is an inexpensive and useless filler that is also used in some weed killers.
  • Egg Product: Eggs or eggshells that may have gone rotten or spoiled.
  • Soy: A low quality, incomplete protein that is also a source of allergies.
  • Brewer’s Rice: A substance lacking in nutrients, these broken rice husks have actually been discarded by other food manufacturing processes.
  • Cellulose: Another filler ingredient made from the pulp of fibrous plant material; basically similar to sawdust.
  • By-products: Leftover waste that is often from human food production. Animal by-product can include parts such as feet, organs, bone, or fatty tissue.
  • Sugar: Ordinary table sugar is often added to pet foods to peak a pet’s interest in the food flavor.
  • Propylene Glycol: Another unnecessary flavor-booster, this chemical ingredient is often found in deodorant and makeup products.
  • Artificial Colors: Pets don’t care what color their food is when it sits in a bowl or bag. Artificial colors are simply a marketing tactic aimed at pet owners to catch their attention.

A list of ingredients to avoid is all well and good, but what ingredients should pet owners be seeking out instead? Luckily, there are plenty of flavorful, nutritious, and healthy alternatives on the market today. Whether pet owners are seeking an all-natural dry kibble, organic canned food, or opting for a raw diet, there are options to cater to any taste.

Do the ingredients in your current pet food require a makeover? Stop in to Paws in the City of Cary today and our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the very best natural, organic, or holistic pet food and treats!


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