3 Critical Tips for Keeping Triangle Pets Cool This Summer

Summer has arrived, although the date says it is still early! And it is heating up in the Triangle. Pets and their parents are enjoying being outdoors, walking the trails, playing in the park, and traveling to the picturesque mountains and the beautiful Carolina coast. In the Triangle, we tend to have some hot, humid weather and that means we need to find ways to keep ourselves and our pets cool and comfortable.

Whether hosting a weekend barbecue or going for a walk on a bright summer morning, keep these three critical tips in mind for cool, healthy pets this summer:

  • Stay hydrated: This is an important tip for pets and their humans. Summer sun and heat can dehydrate everyone quickly. Our Carolina humidity can make the air thick and sap our energy. For the family pet, make sure there is always refreshing water available. Throw a few ice cubes in to keep the water cold while pets are enjoying outdoor activities.
  • Never leave pets in a locked car: Even with the windows “cracked,” the inside temperature of a parked car can rise significantly – and dangerously – in a very short time. The Humane Society reports that “on an 85-degree day, for example, the temperature inside a car with the windows opened slightly can reach 102 degrees within 10 minutes.”
  • Maintain good nutrition: Summer time seems to be junk food time. Family picnics are filled with hot dogs, chips, and ice cream. For pets (and their humans!) good nutrition is important during the summer months, to maintain healthy bodies. At Paws in the City, we carry a complete line of natural, holistic foods and supplements that will help keep pets healthy throughout the hot Triangle summer.

At Paws in the City, we want to everyone to enjoy the fun and sun of the Triangle summer. We also want everyone to stay healthy and safe! Stop by our store

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