3 Easter Risks That Can Harm the Family Pet

Easter dogOne of the best holidays of the year is fast approaching, as it soon will be March 27 and Easter Sunday.  Over the Easter weekend, children will be hunting for eggs, eating a variety of chocolates, and carrying baskets around from the Easter Bunny. The family’s favorite dogs, cats, and other pets will probably be close behind, hoping to get some extra treats dropped from the children’s hands or spilled out of their baskets. At Paws in the City, our pet food experts want to make sure all family members, two-legged and four-legged, have an enjoyable, safe, and healthy Easter. While the holiday treats are fun for children, it is important to remember that they can be extremely dangerous for the family pets. Take care this Easter to watch what the pets are doing when everyone is busy and no one is paying attention.  

Paws in the City presents three Easter risks that can harm the family pets:

  • Chocolate: Delicious Easter chocolate can be poisonous to pets. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which can cause a number of complications if ingested. Chocolate can even be fatal to dogs.
  • Easter basket grass: Decorative grass that looks so pretty in children’s Easter baskets also looks like a lot of fun to the family cat. If a pet swallows the plastic strands of grass, though, they will not be able to digest them. Plastic grass that makes its way to a pet’s stomach can cause problems in their digestive tract.
  • Eggs: Brightly colored Easter eggs, hard boiled or plastic, are hidden for children to find and enjoy. When a pet finds the eggs, though, they can be harmful. Egg shells cannot be easily digested by pets, and hard-boiled eggs can cause an upset stomach. Of course, plastic eggs cannot be digested either and can also cause stomach problems.

At Paws in the City, we want everyone to have fun and enjoy the festivities of Easter egg hunts and devouring chocolate bunnies, but we also want to make sure pet owners understand that these are not good treats for cats, dogs, and other pets. Stop in and let our professional team help you choose healthy, safe treats for all pets to enjoy this upcoming Easter weekend.

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