3 Excellent Reasons to Groom the Family Cat for the Triangle Spring

Spring is on its way! In Cary and across the Triangle, the temperatures are rising, the flowers and trees are blooming, and our sweet pets are enjoying an abundance of fresh air and sunshine.  At Paws in the City, we recommend taking the time to be sure pets are ready for the change in seasons. While we think of cats as self-groomers, and for the most part they are indeed, they also need some human assistance to get ready for spring.

Paws in the City offers three excellent reasons to groom the family cat to get ready for the Triangle spring:

  • Prevent fur matting and hairballs: Spring is a time for shedding. Even short-haired cats will shed, as part of their natural preparation for warmer weather. Long-haired cats, in particular, may develop matted fur and hairballs as their hair starts to loosen for the shedding season. Brushing through their fur, carefully and lovingly with the right tools, provides a little extra help and prevents problems with matting. For extra protection, try some of the skin and coat treats we have for cats and dogs at Paws in the City.
  • Check for other health issues: Grooming not only makes the family cat look and feel better, it can also help in looking for and preventing health issues. Fur brushing is the perfect time to check for lumps, bumps, and injuries that may lie under the cat’s hair. These potential health issues are not always visible without parting the fur and often are only found by physically touching the cat’s skin under the fur.
  • Form a tighter bond with the cat: The family cat loves to be pampered! Even though cats like to groom themselves, they will love their human parents even more as they are brushed and held gently and with affection. They may even get a healthy treat for behaving well, making them even more appreciative!

Grooming a cat may seem contradictory to the pet’s very nature, but it is a great way to help the family cat feel better and get ready for a warm spring in the Triangle. At Paws in the City, we offer an extensive line of pet food and supplements for healthier, happier pets all year round. We are conveniently located in Tryon Village near Harris-Teeter. Stop by and see us soon!


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