3 Great Reasons Why Animals Never Make Good Christmas Gifts

Pet as Gift- Stuart Miles- freedigitalphotos.netTis’ the season in the Triangle, and that means the Holiday Season is upon us. Shopping for the perfect gift is on everyone’s mind. While sometimes that involves a furry friend peeking out from under the tree, most veterinarians and pet care experts strongly advise against giving a pet as a gift, during the holidays or at any other time of the year.

The pet-loving professionals at Paws in the City knows that adding an animal to the family (yours or anyone else) is a huge commitment, and one that should be made only with careful advance planning.

Paws in the City offers three important considerations:

  • It’s already a busy time of year: The holidays are usually pretty hectic for most people, and end-of-year festivities put an even bigger strain on available time and energy. The last thing most households are looking to add is a new source of commotion. New pets require time, energy, and attention; three things that are in short supply during the Christmas holidays.
  • The element of surprise: Surprising a loved one with a new puppy or kitten seems like a can’t-miss memory making opportunity, but a new pet should never be a surprise. For one thing, choosing a pet is a highly personal decision, and the gift-giver won’t always know what type of temperament or personality will fit into the household.
  • It is cool outside: Here in temperate North Carolina, weather concerns might seem frivolous, but consider this: puppies need to be house-trained, and the short daylight hours and cold, wet weather aren’t exactly begging potential pet parents to get outside. Wait till warmer weather, when it will be that much easier to give a pet the necessary time outside.

Caring for a new dog, cat, or other pet is a big responsibility, and while it can be rewarding, it’s not always easy or fun. While a pet might seem like a great present for a loved one, it can often backfire and cause more stress that intended (for both the human and the pet).

The pet nutrition experts at Paws in the City of Cary are dedicated to helping Triangle pet owners make the best decisions regarding pet care. Whether you’re planning to add a new member to the family, or already have, call or stop in today to find out how natural, organic, and holistic pet products can help!


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