3 Important Points to Remember as Man’s Best Friend Ages

old dogFamilies across the Triangle and here in Cary wish that their dogs and cats would live forever. Unfortunately, most furry friends only live for 10 to 15 years. And there are many Triangle residents currently dealing with the special needs of aging pets. Even the friskiest dogs and most frolicsome felines may be experiencing changes that slow them down as they enter their golden years.

The pet experts at Paws in the City want to help maximize an elderly pet’s health. Make sure to talk to the vet at next visit annual visit, and come see us to discuss these three important aspects in a pet’s long life:

  • A Healthy Weight for Your Pet: Even a little extra weight is hard on joints, and since older pets are already at greater risk for arthritis and joint injuries; being overweight is dangerous to their knees, as well as to their hearts. Since older pets tend to be less active it might be time for a new food or less food each day.
  • Fish Oil and Other Supplements: Many vets suggest fish oil and other supplements for older dogs for everything from brittle hair, dry skin, aching joints, constipation and difficulty walking. Could your elderly pet benefit from a supplement or vitamin?
  • Collars and Clothing: Fluffy and Fido loose elasticity in their skin and their skin thins as they age, much like it does in humans. The problem is that it is little harder to see under all of that fur. Remember to check your pet often for sore spots and look for especially soft collars, harnesses and clothing as they get older in order to protect their delicate skin.

Spending a pet’s last years with friends and family is very rewarding. A little help is so important. It may require some extra calorie counting or walking instead of running out on the trails and streets across Cary, but for the most part the last years are the are the golden ones. No more puppy training, couch scratching and shoe chewing! It just means even better times with senior fur babies. And isn’t that what it is all about?

Paws in the City is the place in the Triangle to go for healthy food and treats for all types of pets, young and old. Stop in today to check out our huge selection of natural, organic, and holistic supplements and products!


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