3 Important Reasons Pets Should Not Be Holiday Presents

The holidays are upon us in the Triangle! Thanksgiving is just days away! The region is seeing and feeling cooler weather; travel plans and shopping for presents for family and friends are now tasks. Many people think a cute little puppy or kitten peering out of a brightly wrapped box, surprising a young child (or an adult) on Christmas morning, is the perfect present. In most cases, a pet is a wonderful addition to any family, especially if it is a shelter or rescue.

However, most Triangle-area veterinarians and pet care experts strongly advise against giving a pet as a gift or present, during the holiday season or at any other time of the year. At Paws in the City our team urges our customers to understand the reasons for important advice from area experts.

Paws in the City wants everyone to know that there are three reasons why pets do not make good holiday presents:

  • Puppies and kittens should never be a surprise to anyone any time of year: A pet is a living being that needs appropriate care and attention. Preparing for a new pet, emotionally and logistically, takes time and consideration. Adding a puppy or kitten to the family requires planning for who will take care of it, where it will sleep, how it will be fed, among many other considerations that should not be afterthoughts to a surprise present.
  • A child’s attention span gets shorter during and after the holidays: Giving a pet to a child, along with a myriad of new toys and games, only increases the chance that the child will not give the pet the attention it needs and deserves. There are too many distractions over the holidays, including parties, family gatherings, and more presents, for a child to manage all the challenges of properly taking care of a new pet.
  • It’s already a busy time of year: The holidays are usually hectic for most people, and end-of-year festivities put an even bigger strain on everyone’s time and energy. The last thing most families are looking to add is a new source of commotion!

While a pet might seem like a great present for a loved one, it can be a mistake that creates more stress than intended (for both the human and the pet). The pet nutrition experts at Paws in the City in Cary are dedicated to helping Triangle pet owners make the best decisions regarding pets and their care. We encourage everyone to visit our store, to see our full line of natural and holistic foods and treats that help keep pets healthy throughout the year!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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