3 Important Tips for Triangle Pet Owners When Choosing Food

PITC BldIf you are wondering what it’s like to eat the same food, over and over, day in and day out, for years on end, just ask the family dog or cat! Diet is the principal component of a pet’s health, and when it comes to choosing a pet food, the decision couldn’t be more vital. Pet owners in Cary and around the Triangle need only to note the dizzying array of foods at the local big box pet or grocery store to see the enormous competition for the family pet bowl.

Most Triangle pet owners only want the best for their furry friends, but at some point people find themselves thinking if it is really worth it to shell out the additional money for premium, organic, or holistic pet food versus the budget and grocery brands.

Paws in the City wants Triangle pet owners to follow three important tips before choosing a pet food:

  • Don’t rely on advertising alone: Terms like “natural” and “holistic” aren’t tightly regulated, so pet food companies can use them as they wish for marketing purposes. It is sometimes impossible to tell from all the advertising or labels whether a given food is actually high quality. Pet owners are encouraged to do their own research, ask a trusted vet, or knowledgeable professional.
  • Take special needs into account: Yes, pets can often live long and healthy lives eating grocery pet food. However, many pets have medical issues, just like humans do. Allergies, skin or stomach sensitivity, food sensitivities, or other medical needs often necessitate higher quality or organic ingredients. High nutritional value is important. By switching to a premium diet assisted by the professionals at Paws in the City, chronic medical conditions can be lessened, managed, or possibly eliminated.
  • Focus on the quality of life: Pet owners want their four legged friends to be around for years to come. They also want that time to be the best it can possibly be. The idea is that with high quality, nutritionally dense, and balanced ingredients, the animal’s body doesn’t have to work as hard to process each meal. This allows the body to focus on performing its essential functions to the best of its ability.

Natural and holistic pet food, treats, supplements, and other care items can make a noticeable difference in the energy level, demeanor, and overall health of any pet. Unfortunately, even the most diligent pet owners can have trouble sorting through information that is sometimes confusing and misleading. Luckily, Paws in the City offers Triangle pet owners the type of personal service and professional expertise necessary to help their clients make the best decisions.

Have questions about switching to natural, holistic pet food? Call us or visit Paws in the City and let us share the difference!

We wish all of our friends and clients the Merriest Of Christmas Seasons!


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