3 Reasons Triangle Dogs May be Going Hungry

tiverylucky- dog with food dish- freedigitalphotos.netEveryone knows that a lot of kids in Cary and the Triangle can be picky eaters. What is a favorite food one week may end up in the trash the next. Whether old or young, our four-legged friends are very similar. But unlike children, dogs can’t easily alert their owners if their tummy hurts, if they’re feeling anxiety, or if they no longer love the flavor of their tried and true kibble. The expert staff at Paws in the City knows that it can be very worrisome when a beloved pet suddenly loses their appetite.

Paws in the City offers three very possible reasons why animals lose their appetite:

  • Health Issue: A loss of appetite doesn’t necessarily signal a serious disease, but it can often be a sign that something is a little off. If it’s a temporary bug, the dog’s appetite should return in a couple of days. If loss of appetite lasts longer or is coupled with other symptoms, seek veterinary attention.
  • Owner’s Behavior: Feeding a pet on an irregular schedule or allowing too many treats and table scraps can wreak havoc on a pet’s appetite. If this is the case, try cutting back on treats and feeding at regular intervals (typically twice per day).
  • Anxiety: Refusal to eat might be caused by an uncomfortable situation or change in normal circumstances. Travelling, proximity to new pets or people, or even moving the food bowl to an unfamiliar location in the house are common sources of anxiety in pets.

Most pets can go hungry for a couple of days without having any significant bad effects. If a pet is not eating normally, keep an eye out for any of the above possibilities. Otherwise, it’s best to address the problem as soon as possible, so seek veterinary attention to rule out illness.

Is your dog or cat turning up their nose at the usual kibble? It might be time for a diet upgrade! Stop in to Paws in the City of Cary to peruse our wide selection of only the best and most nutritious pet foods and treats.


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