3 Serious Concerns Triangle Pet Owners Have About Rawhide Dog Chews

PITC- Sommai- freedigitalphots.netIf there’s one indisputable fact about dogs in the Triangle, it’s that they love to chew. Whether it’s a pair of shoes, the wooden leg of Dad’s favorite armchair, or a good bone, a chewing dog is a happy dog. While there are numerous types of chews, bones, and toys on the market, rawhide remains one of the most popular, most durable, and least expensive. However, many pet owners have concerns about rawhide due to disconcerting information they have heard or read.

The knowledgeable staff at Paws in the City wants to clear up any confusion for pet owners in Cary and the surrounding Triangle. Below, the last word on rawhide safety brought to you by our pet nutrition experts:

  • Rawhide chews might contain chemicals so make sure of the source: The rawhide production process involves separating the outer layer of animal skin from the hide, and chemicals such as sodium sulfide are often used to do this. Rawhides are sometimes washed and bleached with hydrogen peroxide, and artificial flavorings are added. Additionally, it is not unusual for trace amounts of toxic chemicals such as arsenic, formaldehyde, mercury, and lead to be found in rawhides.
  • Rawhide can cause digestive distress so be observant: Rawhide is indigestible, so any amount swallowed must pass through a pet’s system and expelled. A too-large piece can lodge inside the digestive tract and expand, causing a serious blockage or even wrapping around the intestines. Costly and risky abdominal surgery is sometimes necessary, and rawhide ingestion can be fatal in some (fortunately rare) cases.
  • Rawhide can sometimes present a choking hazard, so always be in “supervision” mode: While all types of edible chews put a dog at risk of choking, rawhide is often more of a concern as well. As rawhide is chewed, it breaks down into small shards which can prevent a dog from properly swallowing food and water, and, if the piece is big enough, it can even break through the lining of the esophagus.

Having a good toy or bone available for daily chewing is a must for most dogs. A healthy chewing habit eases teething pain in puppies, promotes strong teeth and gums in dogs of all ages, and prevents the destruction of other household items due to boredom or anxiety.

Paws in the City maintains a commitment to only stocking the highest quality natural and holistic pet products, so pet owners in Cary and the surrounding areas will find safe and healthy rawhide alternatives including cow ears, pig snouts, marrow bones, synthetic dental chews, and more.

Stop in today and check out our large selection of dog chews that meet the high safety standards of the ASPCA and Humane Society!


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