3 Tips that Guide Triangle Residents When Choosing the Right Dog

PITC- Valentines Dog pic- freedigitalphotos.netMost people in Cary and across the Triangle probably don’t think of it this way, but choosing a dog is a lot like choosing a partner for life. At first, emotions and chemistry play a big part, and potential pet owners are drawn in by a wagging tail, soft fur, and (of course) those huge puppy dog eyes. Pure attraction is enough to sustain the relationship for a while, but then reality sets in. When the honeymoon is over, a pet owner might find that their chosen breed doesn’t fit their lifestyle.

Before adopting, rescuing, or purchasing a puppy or older dog, serious research is necessary to determine which breed will fit a particular owner’s lifestyle.

The dog-loving experts at Paws in the City in Cary NC want to help potential pet parents form a match made in heaven. Here are a few important considerations:

  • Temperament: Like people, dogs come in a range of temperaments and personalities. Some are strong-willed; others are relaxed. Some are friendly to everyone; others are loyal to their families but suspicious of strangers. The lifespan of the average dog runs anywhere from 6-14 years and sometimes longer, depending on the breed. For this long-term commitment, make sure the dog has a personality that fits the whole family.
  • Grooming Needs: All dogs need to be bathed and groomed, and most dogs shed (at least a little bit). However, some dogs need special care above and beyond the basics. Long-haired dogs may seem luxurious and beautiful, but will require a lot of effort to keep them that way. Short-haired dogs may need clothing in cold or wet weather. Think about how much time, effort, and money a particular breed will require, and make a good decision.
  • Activity level: An owner who’s a couch potato isn’t going to appreciate a rambunctious dog that needs daily walking. Of course, all dogs need exercise and physical activity to keep them healthy and happy, but some are more high-energy than others. While larger dogs generally need more space (inside and out), keep in mind that some small dogs still need plenty of room to run around. Burning off extra energy goes a long way in avoiding unwanted, destructive behavior (such as chewing).

Owning a pet is a big commitment and the pet experts at Paws in the City want every pet/owner relationship to be rewarding for years to come. Before taking the leap and choosing a dog (or cat, or any pet for that matter), Triangle residents should carefully assess their personal preferences, housing situation, desired financial commitment, and other factors before opening their home (and their hearts) to an animal.

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We are the Pet Food Specialist in the Triangle!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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