3 Triangle NC Tips for Enjoying Pet Friendly Road Trips

Spring and summer are great times for Triangle families to be on the move! Whether heading out on a short trip to the coast, or making plans for an extended visit to see relatives and friends in other states, Cary-area families hit the roads when the weather brings warmth and sunshine. Packing the car and then finding ways for everyone to enjoy the trip can be a challenge. When the family cat or dog are included, there are even more things to consider when planning a road trip of any length.  

At Paws in the City, we want the entire family to enjoy a restful vacation or a visit to see friends and relatives. We know that everyone can enjoy the journey with the proper planning.

Our Paws in the City experts offer three helpful tips for taking the fur kid on the family trip:

  • Pet-friendly hotels: Pets are welcome at many of the larger hotel chains, as well as at some smaller independent motels. Ask when making the reservations. The hotel may charge an additional fee for the family pet, so be prepared. It will be heart-breaking to find out that great hotel the family plans to stay in for the week does not welcome the family pet.
  • Frequent stops: Kids and pets need more stops on a long road trip than their parents. The family pet will need to get out of the car and walk around a bit as much as possible. That’s not a bad idea for the human family members either! Of course, the pets (and kids) will need to use those stops for restroom purposes too!
  • Pet safety: Keep pets safe in the car with a well-ventilated pet carrier. Make sure the carrier is large enough so the pet can move around comfortably. The carrier should be secured in a seat so it will not be thrown around the vehicle in case of a sudden stop.

At Paws in the City, we believe in the importance of family, pets included. Take some time to enjoy the family trip and take the pet along!

First, stop by our store to stock up on the natural and holistic foods and treats that will make the family pet even happier.  Check out the wide selection at our store, conveniently located in Tryon Village near Harris-Teeter. Then enjoy the ride!


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