3 Ways to “Green” Up Our Triangle Pets

Green dog- Mister GC- freedigitalphotos.netMost pet owners in Cary and the Triangle want the very best for their furry friends. Unfortunately, pets can be exposed to unhealthy and even harmful toxins in many common foods, medications, toys, and other supplies. Bringing environmentally sound practices to pet ownership is not only earth friendly, but also pet friendly!

The professional staff at Paws in the City offers three ways pet owners can improve the health of their animals and extend the lives of their four-legged companions by going green:

  • Consider a low-carbon diet: While high-quality protein is an essential ingredient for any pet’s diet, the carbon footprint of beef, poultry, and lamb can be high (the carbon footprint is a measurement of the production of greenhouse gasses over a life cycle). To lessen the impact, choose foods that don’t contain animal by-products or artificial ingredients, and weren’t subjected to synthetic pesticides.
  • Watch out for waste: Responsible pet owners never leave home without a plastic baggie for pet waste. While there are several brands of biodegradable or compostable pet waste bags on the market, the sad truth is that most of them are destined for a long life in the landfill. Instead of purchasing special baggies, repurpose the plastic bags used to package food, household items, or even junk mail.
  • Prevent fleas the natural way: A flea infestation isn’t fun for pets or their owners, but traditional flea collars and shampoos often contain ingredients (such as pyrethrins and organophosphates) thought to be carcinogens and neurotoxins. Sound scary? It is. Luckily, a weekly flea-combing coupled with non-toxic products will work just as well to keep the itch at bay.

As a pet owner, there are many ways to make a positive impact on the environment. From non-toxic cleaning products and organic food to holistic health care and all-natural toys, green options abound for today’s pet owners. Made in U.S.A. should be the standard. 

Stop in to Paws in the City of Cary today to browse our full range of environmentally friendly (and most importantly, pet-friendly) food and supplies!


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