4 Easy Steps to Transitioning Pets to a New Food

Cute Hot DogWith so many pet food options available from Paws in the City for Triangle pets today, from basic kibble to organic fare, choosing the right pet food is difficult enough. However, that’s just the beginning. Transitioning to a new food for any animal can be a stressful undertaking, and for owners as well as their pets. A slow, gradual transition is the best way to switch up a pet’s diet, giving their tender tummies plenty of time to adjust.

To make the transition to a new diet as easy as possible, the pet food experts at Paws in the City offers these essential tips:

  • Pay attention to proportions: Instead of immediately filling Fido’s bowl with an unfamiliar meal, keep some of his current food on hand, adding increasing amounts of the new food over about a week.
  • Watch closely for signs of distress: During the adjustment period, carefully observe the pet for issues like digestive distress, gas, lower-than-normal water intake, or abnormal feces. If any of these areas become a concern, slow down the transition process.
  • Know when to ask for help: No matter how slow the transition, some pets will not tolerate a food change (for example, the pet might be allergic to the new food). If symptoms worsen or don’t improve over a couple of days, consult a trusted veterinarian.
  • Consider cold turkey: Aside from having an iron stomach, there may be instances where switching cold turkey might be the best approach. In cases like food allergies, kidney disease, or cognitive dysfunction, a veterinarian may advise switching to a prescription diet immediately so that the benefits kick in right away.

There are many reasons pet owners consider switching to a new food. Perhaps it’s time to go from a puppy formula to an adult formula, from chicken-based to salmon-based, or maybe an owner’s finances have simply changed. Whatever the reason, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all transition method. In general, stick with a gradual transition unless a veterinarian advises otherwise.

Considering new pet food options? Paws in the City of Cary offers a huge selection of the very best natural, holistic, and organic pet foods, treats, and care items; stop in today and let our expert staff assist you in finding a food your pet will love!


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