4 Easy Ways to Create an Outdoor Space Pets Will Love

Dog oustide, gualberto107, freedigitalphotos.netSpring is finally here! This is the time of year for people and pets all around the Triangle who are enjoying the mild, sunny weather before the dog days of late summer arrive. Most pets enjoy spending time outside, and there’s no better way to ensure a happy pet than to provide them with a safe outdoor environment for running, playing, and relaxing. It is simple to set up the perfect space for four-legged friends of all types.

The pet experts at Paws in the City of Cary offer these four great ideas:

  • Set boundaries: An enclosed space allows pets a degree of freedom while keeping them safe from traffic, other animals, or roaming too far. If a fenced yard isn’t an option, consider a smaller enclosed area like a dog run or cat enclosure.
  • Get a green thumb: Some plant varieties common to the Carolinas are beautiful to look at, but can cause illness or even death if ingested by family pets. Even mulch and bark aren’t always safe. Carefully research any new and existing plants to make sure the landscaping is animal-friendly.
  • Provide shade: Don’t forget to protect pets from the elements. Just like people, pets need some type of cover to take a break from the sun or stay dry on rainy days. A cool, dry place like a doghouse, gazebo, or covered deck will go a long way in ensuring a pet’s comfort and safety.
  • Go swimming: Kiddie pools are a great option for dogs to stay cool and have some fun. Be sure to adjust the water depth to prevent danger of drowning. Also, keep an eye out when the pool is first introduced to make sure that plastic or inflatable pools don’t become chew toys.

The warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours are a welcome change for people and pets alike. As a responsible Triangle pet owner, take the necessary precautions to make sure outdoor spaces are safe and fun for pets.

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