4 Essential Tips for Traveling with Pets

Dog in Car- Prakairoj- freedigitalphotos.netThe holiday season is the busiest travel period of the year, and millions of Triangle residents will be hitting the road or heading to the airport. Along with the anticipation of visiting far flung friends and family comes the anxiety over what to do with Fido (or Fluffy). Should they come along for the ride?

The pet experts at Paws in the City knows that all pet parents are reluctant to be separated from their fur babies, even for a few days. However, tagging along might not be the best option. Before deciding to travel with a pet, consider these four things:

  • Put pets first: When making the decision between whether to travel with a pet or leave them behind, always think about what will be the safest and most comfortable for the pet. For example, if there won’t be much time to spend with the pet once the final destination is reached, it’s probably better to leave the pet at home.
  • Car travel is usually a better choice: Air travel can be dangerous for pets, especially short-nosed animals such as pugs, bulldogs, Pekingese, and Persian cats. Short nasal passages leave them vulnerable to extreme temperatures and variations in oxygen. If driving isn’t an option, the pet will probably be better off with a pet sitter or at a kennel.
  • Choose the cabin, not the cargo hold: Each year, pets suffer injury and worse in the cargo holds of planes, where extreme temperatures, poor ventilation, and rough handling are usually the culprits. Most airlines will accommodate small pets in the cabin, but there are many limitations and restrictions, so be sure to do the homework. 
  • Take basic safety precautions: When traveling by car, the safest place for a pet is inside a travel crate that’s secured to the rear seat. A roaming dog is a distraction to the driver, and airbags in the front seat can injure the pet. And although it might be tempting, don’t let a dog ride with their head out the window; flying debris can cause injury. 

Spending the holidays without a beloved pet can seem unthinkable. But who’s comfort is really getting top billing? Remember, a pet will surely miss their family, but it may be more beneficial to the pet’s health and safety to leave them at home. If travel is in the cards, a bit of planning will ensure everyone has an enjoyable trip

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