4 Fundamental Reasons to Regularly Groom Triangle Pets

pomeranian-900212_1280Regular pet grooming entails much more than just making dogs and cats look pretty. Grooming actually helps keep pets and their owners healthy! Here in the Triangle, Paws in the City encourages all of our pet families to practice good nutrition and good grooming, for healthier, happier pets.

Grooming can benefit pets and their owners in four fundamental ways:

  • Happy pets: Just like their humans, pets feel better after bathing and brushing. They feel clean, refreshed and happy and improved attitude shows immediately afterwards.
  • Healthy fur: Brushing not only detangles matted hair, but also distributes the natural oils in the fur. Regular brushing removes dirt and dandruff, leaving the fur healthier as well as cleaner.
  • Improved health: When grooming, check for skin problems, such as dry skin, bumps, fleas, or ticks. Catching these problem signs early can help prevent them from becoming more serious. Also check the pet’s ears, eyes, and nails, to be sure there are no signs of abnormalities or inflammation.
  • Bonding for both pet and human: Spending some quiet time with the family pet; brushing hair and grooming nails and skin, gives both pets and humans the opportunity to de-stress and bond. Brushing and grooming actually have a calming effect that definitely makes everyone involved feel healthier and happier.

Of course, good health for a pet’s coat, skin, ears, eyes, and nails starts on the inside. Proper nutrition makes all the difference! At Paws in the City, we offer a full range of nutritious foods and supplements and treats for healthier pets and we are located in Cary! We truly believe that nutrition and good health are both inside jobs!

Visit our Products page, for a full list of the nutritious foods and supplements we carry. Well-groomed pets are healthier, happier pets. That’s what we are all about. 

Stop by our store and see our wide selection of food, supplements, treats, and other items, all made with healthy pets in mind! We are open seven days a week and are conveniently located near Harris Teeter in the Tryon Village shopping center.


This blog post about pet care and nutrition is brought to you by Paws in the City, located in Tryon Village, Cary North Carolina. We are your locally owned small business that offers holistic and natural foods and treats for your cat and dog. Sign up for our Loyalty/ Rewards Program and feel free to contact us at any time. 


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