4 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for our Four-Legged Friends

pets-962215_1920‘Tis the traditional season for giving, and that includes everyone in the family including our best furry friends. At Paws in the City, we encourage pet families of all kinds across Cary and the Triangle to think about putting the pets on the Christmas list! Families with children, older adults, and even young singles really enjoy choosing the perfect gifts for their special friends. There are many excellent gift choices for dogs and cats that will help pets be more comfortable, live healthier, and just have more fun. When deciding on a gift choice for that special family pet, keep in mind the dog or cat’s age, size, and interests. It is much like choosing a gift for a human child!

From Paws in the City in Cary NC, our team of professionals has come up with some great holiday season gift ideas for Taffy and Fido:

  • Warm, fuzzy sweaters: Even furry family members can get chilly in the Triangle winter. Everyone needs to bundle up for outdoor walks. Choose a sweater or jacket for the family pet that fits snugly, but not too tight. Get creative with festive colors and designs for a real holiday treat!
  • Comfy beds: Give the family cat or dog a special place to call his own; buy ones that are cozy and comfy. A pet bed that’s just the right size will become the favorite spot in the house. Choose a bed with a soft covering to give the pet a warm, snuggly feeling, or even a bean bag chair for the playful cat in the family.
  • Fun toys: As cold weather sets in, pets and humans alike tend to become less active. This season, choose a playful toy or two for the dog or cat who might need a little more exercise. For the family cat, a scratching tree with dangly toys can keep it entertained and active for a long time. Dogs may enjoy a plush chew toy or a bouncy rubber ball to chase. Toys that hide special treats are especially fun and encourage the pets to be even more active, with a tasty reward at the end.
  • Healthy treats: Although it may be tempting to share sweet holiday treats with the family cat or dog, they will benefit more from fun, healthy treats made just for them. At Paws in the City, we carry natural and holistic foods for your pets that dogs and cats love!

This holiday season, take care of those special pets at gift-giving time. Remember that, just as with human children, fun gifts that are appropriate for their size and age, can also be good for them!

Stop by Paws in the City, conveniently located in Tryon Village in Cary, to find just the right food and special treats for the family pet!

We offer skin care products, supplements, holistic and natural dog food, all natural pet chews and more!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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