4 Great Warm Weather Activities to Keep Pets Happy and Healthy

Ah, spring is coming soon in the Triangle! Flowers are blooming.  The sun is shining, and everyone wants to get outside and enjoy the spring weather in Cary and the surrounding areas. It is important to note that pets love being outdoors, as do humans.  At Paws in the City, we encourage pets and their owners to enjoy the warmer temperatures and the upcoming Easter holiday!

The professionals at Paws in the City recommend four great spring activities to help keep pets happy and healthy all year round:

  • Take a long walk: Pets love to explore new territory. Spring offers the perfect weather for a long walk for pets and their humans. Take some time after dinner or before breakfast and find a marked trail through the woods, a walking path through a park, or just stroll around the neighborhood.
  • Keep everyone hydrated: Temperatures in the Triangle can actually become relatively warm in the spring. Even though it is not quite “hot” yet, water is still essential for everyone when going outside and exercising. Pets and humans alike should have fresh water to enjoy as a cooling drink and to stay hydrated.
  • Eat healthy: The Easter season is filled with chocolate bunnies and sweet treats. Chocolate, in particular, can actually be toxic for a dog. Too much sugar is not healthy for pets or their humans. Check out our extensive selection of healthy treats and take a few along when going for that long walk.
  • Play: Break out the toys that have been stored all winter and get outside and play! Throw a ball, toss some rings, or enjoy the Carolina favorite game of corn hole. Pets love to chase after balls and other chewable items. Most of the time, they even bring their toys back to their humans so they can throw them out again for another chase!

At Paws in the City, we encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy the fresh spring air. Stay healthy and happy and keep those pets happy and healthy by being active, eating healthy, and staying hydrated.

Take a few minutes to stop by our store and check out our natural and holistic foods and treats! We are conveniently located in Tryon Village near Harris-Teeter.


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