4 Important Points When Boarding Pets for the Holidays

The holidays are coming! And with Christmas and New Year, come family travel. Many pet owners in the Triangle and Cary, North Carolina, visit family members throughout the Northeast, Midwest, and across the country. Although we all love our pets and wish they could go with us everywhere, often they cannot be along for the ride. Holiday gatherings with strangers in close quarters, may not be a good place for our cats and dogs, so we must find appropriate boarding care for them.

In the Triangle area, there are a number of excellent boarding options available. When considering where to leave the beloved family pet for a few days, the staff at Paws in the City wants everyone to consider these four important points:

  • Check out the facility ahead of time: A reputable kennel should allow potential clients to tour the facility before committing to boarding a pet there. Check for cleanliness and assess the way the facility looks and smells. Also, check out the animals in their care to make sure they appear to be happy and healthy.
  • Determine whether the staff is attentive and pet-friendly: Pets tend to have a sense about people’s attitudes toward them. If the kennel’s staff does not pay enough attention to each pet, or if one of the staff member’s attitudes causes a negative reaction in a pet, that particular boarding facility may not be the right place.
  • Make sure pets will get their exercise: Ask the kennel what they provide in the way of exercise or walking time. A pet that is boarded for several days needs to get out and play! Providing the pet’s favorite toy might help the pet make the adjustment and have some fun while at the kennel.
  • Ask about immunizations. The facility should require all pets being boarded there to be up to date on their immunizations.

At Paws in the City, we want all of our customers and their pets to enjoy the holidays. Pets will be happier and healthier if they stay in a clean, attentive boarding facility while the family travels. We also encourage everyone to visit our store, to see our full line of natural and holistic foods and treats that help keep pets healthy throughout the year. We are conveniently located in Tryon Village in Cary, NC.


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