4 Important Tips to Keep Pets Warm and Safe

Pug in sweaterThere is a month left in the North Carolina winter, still plenty of time left for below freezing temperatures in the Triangle. Through early April, we can get chilly inclement weather. At Paws in the City, our pet professionals want to help make sure all residents in Cary, Apex and beyond, know what to do to protect their pets in the late February and March. Even dogs and cats with lots of fur can get cold, especially when they need to go outside. Late winter weather can be dangerous for people and pets alike.

Follow these four tips from Paws in the City, to keep pets warm, dry, and safe during even the coldest weather here in the Triangle:

  • Make sure pets have plenty of food: Keep pets well-fed, but do not over-feed them. Pets need good nutrition to make up for the energy they lose when trying to keep warm. Some pet owners tend to feed their pets more in the winter, to give them “extra” fuel, but that is not necessary.
  • Keep pets well-hydrated: Pets need a lot of fresh, clean, unfrozen water this time of year to stay hydrated; particularly those pets that spend a lot of time outdoors. Use plastic water bowls outside, to avoid the possibility of having a pet’s tongue freeze to a metal container.
  • Keep paws cleared of salt: The salt and other chemicals used to keep sidewalks and neighborhood streets safe for walking and driving can irritate the pads on an animal’s paws. When bringing the pet back inside, wipe its paws with a damp towel before the pet gets the chance to lick off the salt and chemicals.
  • Groom, but do not cut pet hair: During the winter months, furry pets need the weight of their natural coat as a source of warmth. Brush their fur regularly, combing out knots, but avoid trimming or cutting their fur. Grooming can also help pets who experience dander problems similar to their owners’ winter dry skin.

Furry pets need protection and extra care during the colder months, just as much as their owners do. When out for a walk, remember that smaller dogs may need a sweater or extra protection as well.

The experts at Paws in the City can help select the right kind of nutrition, to help pets keep up their energy level and be able to keep warm in even the coldest months. Stop in today and visit us in Tryon Village, to chat with one of our experts. Check out our huge selection of natural, organic, and holistic supplements and products!


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