4 Quick and Easy Steps for a Pet’s Oral Health

dog getting teeth brushed- Maggie Smith- freedigitalphotos.netEating is one of life’s great pleasures, for humans as well as pets in the Triangle. Just think about the way Fido gets excited when the clock says “dinnertime” or how a cat’s ears perk up when they hear that can of tuna being opened. Practicing good oral hygiene is an essential yet often overlooked part of every pet’s total health, and it’s easier than most pet owners think to keep everything in tiptop shape.

The pet nutrition experts at Paws in the City don’t want dogs and cats to fear the vetinarian. Follow these four useful, quick, and easy tips for a happy pet with a sparkling smile:

  • The sniff test: Most pet’s mouths smell like they have a permanent case of morning breath, and that’s pretty normal. However, if the odor becomes consistently worse, or is accompanied by a loss of appetite, a visit to the vet is probably in order. Especially bad breath can signal a decayed tooth or gastrointestinal disease.
  • Brush regularly: Not all dogs love having their teeth brushed, but taking it slow and using positive reinforcement goes a long way. Start with a special pet toothbrush, or a simple piece of gauze wrapped around a finger. Please don’t use human toothpaste. It can be very irritating to pet’s stomachs.                               
  • Passing inspection: Once a week, treat pets to a DIY oral examination. Gums should be pink (not red or white) and show no signs of swelling, sensitivity, or bleeding. Visually inspect for loose teeth, blisters, and anything abnormal looking (like strange lumps that could signify cysts or tumors). If tartar buildup looks excessive, it might be time for a professional cleaning.
  • Encourage healthy chewing: Chew toys encourage strong, clean teeth and gums while satisfying pet’s natural desire to chew as a means of reducing stress and preventing boredom. There are many chew toy options to suit any pet’s taste, but asking a trusted veterinarian is a great place to begin.

Healthy teeth, gums, and mouth keep a pet’s quality of life at its highest, and ensure that the pet gets to enjoy their meals and treats to the fullest. Consistent home maintenance combined with regularly scheduled professional exams is the best way to keep pets smiling for years to come.

For the latest in essential pet health care items, including toxin-free chew toys and natural, organic, and holistic food and treats, stop in to Paws in the City of Cary today!


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Photo: Maggie Smith, freedigitalphotos.net

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