4 Reasons to Adopt a Pet in Cary and the Triangle

Pet adoption, stuart miles, freedigitalphotos.netEach and every year, thousands of pets end up in the care of Triangle shelters, humane societies, and rescue groups across North Carolina. At the same time, it is important to note that shelter animals usually have not been neglected, do not usually display behavioral issues and almost always have no long term, if any, health problems. In fact, animals most often lose their homes due to owner issues involving divorce, relocation, or financial troubles. Think about this, shelters are filled with pets of all shapes and sizes, waiting for the right person to take them home.

The expert staff at Paws in the City wants Triangle pet owners to consider these four compelling reasons to adopt a pet, instead of purchasing one:

  • Adoption saves a life: Actually, it saves two. Because most shelters have limited space, some animals must unfortunately be euthanized. Adopt a pet from a humane society, shelter, or rescue group, and save the life of not only that particular animal, but also that of another animal that can now be rescued due to the freed up space.
  • Adopted pets have been vetted for health problems: Most shelter pets have been well-examined for health problems, treated appropriately, and given vaccinations. Many shelters also screen animals for temperament and behavior, making it easier to find the right pet for any lifestyle.
  • Adopting a pet saves money: Adoption generally is less costly up front than purchasing a pet from a breeder or pet store. Additionally, most rescue pets have already been spayed and neutered while in shelter, eliminating that cost for their future owners.
  • Fewer “puppy problems”: When cutting teeth, it’s natural for puppies to want to chew everything and anything within sight. Not only that, but puppies are prone to night waking, whining, and barking because they miss their littermates. Adopting an older dog is a great consideration and will bypass many puppy-stage issues. Remember, many rescue pets are already house trained.

Paws in the City supports local dog and cat rescues through monetary donations, donations of food and supplies, and by hosting adoption events. Instead of buying a pet from a pet store, over the internet, or through a classified ad, first check out local options for adoption. These animals are waiting for both love and families. Go ahead, bring one home today.

Found your dream dog or cat? Now it’s time to think about the best food and supplies! Stop in to Paws in the City today and let our knowledgeable staff explain the benefits of natural, organic, and holistic products.


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Photo: Stuart Miles, freedigitalphotos.net

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