4 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Pet in the New Year

Snow has fallen in the Triangle! Winter has arrived, and the new year is right around the corner. During the holiday season we often think about ways to improve our health when the calendar turns to 2018. Our pets would also appreciate some healthy resolutions to make their new year great! Paws in the City is here to help families in Cary and the surrounding areas make healthy choices for happy pets now and throughout the year.

The pet experts at Paws in the City offer these four tips, some of which might benefit pet owners as well:

  • Get more exercise: Getting fit is on almost everyone’s list of resolutions, and the family pet should also be included. Just like humans, pets that exercise are less likely to become overweight and will have more energy. Bundle up the whole family and take a walk!
  • Eat healthy: Are these tips starting to sound familiar? The family pet also needs to have healthy meals and supplements to maintain a happy body. Paws in the City offers a wide range of natural and holistic foodsfor pets that can help them to live healthier lives. 
  • Go for a check-up: Pets need regular check-ups and preventative care, just like humans. Be sure that loved family pet is as healthy as can be, by visiting a professional veterinarian on a regular basis! Check out our list of helpful resources for the best in pet care in the Triangle.
  • Consider adding to the pet family with a rescue. The new year might be the right time to make a new pet happy. Research rescue groups in the Cary area and choose a pet that needs a loving family that could make everyone’s new year happy and healthy.

We extend our sincerest wishes for the best in the new year for our Triangle families and their pets. Please stop by our store, conveniently located in Tryon Village near Harris Teeter. We are always glad to answer questions and provide guidance to help make sure that Triangle pet owners can make the best decisions about pets and their care!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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