4 Very Important Tips for Adopt a Cat Month

catJune is a great time to adopt a cat! The American Humane Association celebrates Adopt-a-Cat Month and the ASPCA promotes Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month in June! At Paws in the City, we are so excited about this June’s focus that we want to share some great ideas as you adopt your new feline friend.

Paws in the City in Cary, NC offers four very important tips for adopting that special cat and its transition to a new home:  

  • June is kitten season: Shelters tend to have more kittens every June, following the spring breeding season. Thousands of kittens join the older cats in shelters around this time of year, making the need to adopt even greater. Take home a cuddly newborn or a mature cat in celebration of Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month!
  • Cats need playmates so adopt two: Cats are social animals and love to play with other cats. Their interactive play helps them exercise and stay healthy. Adopting two cats will provide more benefits to them as well as to their new owners!
  • Find a trusted veterinarian before adopting: Healthy cats are happy cats. And each one makes for happy cat owners. Choose a vet and schedule that crucial first appointment before going to the shelter. Shelters will usually be able to provide the records the vet needs to make sure everyone is happy and healthy.
  • Stock up on healthy food: Start the new family member off right with a healthy selection of food and treats See the pic of what we offer right here on this blog! Paws in the City carries an extensive selection of natural and holistic foodsfor every cat and dog. The right food can prevent health problems and promote superior nutritional health in every pet.

One more tip: If the new kitten is a gift for someone else here in the Triangle, be sure it is wanted and will be well cared for in its new home before adopting.

Check out our helpful Resources, to learn more about rescue organizations where you could find your next pet or volunteer some of your time. Then, stop by and see our wide selection of food, supplements, treats, and other items, all made with healthy pets in mind!
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