5 Ways to Help Pets During Severe Weather

As the Triangle watches the active hurricane season, we remind all pet owners in the Cary, Morrisville, Raleigh, and Apex areas to remember their pets and protect them when making plans for severe weather in any season. Whether traveling to safer ground or hunkering down and riding out a storm, families need to prepare ahead of time to take care of themselves as well as their pets.

From the Paws in the City team, we offer five ways to help our pets through severe weather such as hurricanes, tornados, or a bad thunderstorm:

  • Prepare for a change in behavior: Some pets may have strong reactions to the loud noises of a major storm. It will be important to remain calm and try to reassure the pet. It might help to distract the pet by playing a favorite game. In many cases, the veterinarian may write a prescription for calming medication that can be used temporarily to ease the stress.
  • Keep pets inside and away from windows: Just as with children (and many adults!) the further away from the storm and its noises, the less anxiety there will be for the pet.
  • Check for pet-friendly hotels along the route: If it becomes necessary to evacuate, to move the family to higher or safer ground, call ahead of time to be sure any stops along the way are pet friendly. Sometimes, in extreme emergency situations, even a hotel that does not usually accept pets may change their rules. It’s best to know before hitting the road, though.
  • Take favorite toys. Another consideration when evacuating is making sure the pet feels safe and secure, by taking along familiar toys, blankets, and food.
  • Update and keep the pet’s medical records and identification. In case of separation, it will be important to have some sort of identification physically attached to the pet, in a tag or microchip. Medical records will be important to have if the pet needs care away from home during an emergency situation.

The fall can be a particularly stormy season in the Triangle. At Paws in the City, we want all of our customers and their pets to stay safe and healthy throughout the year. In our store, conveniently located in Tryon Village near Harris-Teeter, we offer a full line of natural and holistic foods and treats, so Triangle pets can continue to be healthy and happy. Stop by and check out our full line of products!


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