5 Wonderful Benefits for Senior Pet Owners

alex_ugalekMay is Older Americans Month! At Paws in the City, our team is excited about the benefits senior adults and pets alike enjoy from being with each other. We recognize that pets are therapeutic for many people; and most everyone, particularly senior adults, can be beneficial for these animals as well. Paws in the City in Cary, NC, offers many helpful resources for finding and training a new pet, to ensure that seniors and pets alike will get all they can from their healthy relationship.

Paws in the City offers these outstanding and wonderful advantages for senior adults who own pets:

  • Stress reduction: Dogs and cats do not have a sense of time. They truly live for the moment. For a senior adult, focusing on the present reduces the stress of worrying about what will happen tomorrow. In addition, the simple act of petting a dog or cat can often provide a calming effect, reducing anxiety. Life is simple more fun with animals around.
  • Increased exercise: Being fit with a purpose is always a big positive for our active seniors. Walking a dog can help older adults become more active. Exercise, particularly walking, help to improve and maintain good health. And animals get a lot from the walks too!
  • The feeling of being needed: Senior adults can become depressed and lonely and often are by themselves. A pet provides both companionship and a renewed sense that someone needs them. Their loving companionship comforts both senior adults and their pets.

Pets thrive from their relationships with senior adults too! When taken care of by a senior adult, a pet will enjoy:

  • Focused attention: Senior adults tend to have more time to spend with their pets. Since most are retired, they can focus their attention on their new family member. Rescue pets, especially, thrive when placed with someone who can be with them, and pay attention to them, all day!
  • Healthy eating habits: Pets benefits greatly from a set and predictable eating schedule. Our wide selection of holistic and natural food will ensure those meals are even healthier.

Check out our helpful Resources to learn more about options for senior adults and other “golden-agers” who want to adopt a rescue pet and to learn more about pet care and training. Then, stop by and see our wide selection of food, supplements, treats, and other items, all made with healthy pets in mind! We are open seven days a week and are conveniently located in the Tryon Village shopping center.


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