The 4 Secrets about Pet Nutrition

Food in a Scoop- Robert Cochrane- freedigitalphotos.ntIt is 2015, and feeding a pet is now as easy as opening a can or bag and finding a bowl. What is not so easy is selecting the best food for our pets. Dog and cat food must meet unique nutritional needs, be affordable, and taste good. It is a combination that is often hard to find. With a variety of name and house brands on display in Triangle supermarkets, big box stores, and specialty pet supply shops, the process can easily become overwhelming. What are owners to do?

The expert staff at Paws in the City in Cary wants our clients to make informed decisions about choosing the proper food, treats, and products for their four-legged friends. In that spirit, we offer these four little secrets only known by the fine print on the back of the package or through some savvy research.

Here is the summary:

  • Cats can’t taste sweetness, because their taste receptors don’t have the necessary proteins. Dogs do taste sweetness, but have fewer taste receptors than humans. Some commercial food and treat companies up the sugar content in their products to stimulate these receptors.
  • Unlike humans, dogs and cats cannot synthesize the essential vitamin D3 in their skin. Therefore, any healthy pet diet must contain the appropriate levels of this vitamin, which aids in bone formation as well as nerve and muscle control.
  • The bodies of dogs and cats are not designed to digest large amounts of grains. In contrast to animals like sheep, horses, and cows (all of which have proportionally large intestines made to efficiently digest grains), the intestines of dogs and cats are proportionally smaller. Protein-rich foods, instead of grain-heavy formulations, are more easily and comfortably digested.
  • Cats have some unique nutritional needs. Cats need nearly five times more thiamine (an essential B vitamin) as dogs do. Cats also require taurine, as well as linoleic and arachidonic fatty acids, neither of which are required by dogs.

It is interesting to note that there are hundreds of pet food manufacturers selling products in North Carolina, and as many brands and formulations. Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of them truly offer the kind of specialized nutrition that dogs and cats need to thrive (not just survive).

It can be confusing. Yet, we want to keep it simple. Choosing the right foods makes sense and Paws in the City has only the brands that meet our high standards for nutrition, affordability and taste. Stop in to Paws in the City today to browse our carefully curated selection of natural, organic, and holistic pet products!


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